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We are Woodico Project from Ukraine.

We make accessories, tools and materials for knitting masters – high-quality original wooden sock blockers and mitten blockers, and comfortable light markers for knitting. All our products are handmade.

Woodico Project team

My name is Natalia. My mother taught me how to knit. Since then I have been walking through life with knitting needles. After the birth of the daughter, knitting became not only a favorite hobby, but also a favorite work.

In the process of this work I needed accessories – markers for knitting and sock blockers. I invented and made the markers myself, and the sock blockers offered to make a husband to Alexander. He helped to design and made sock blockers from wood.

And then we thought – why do not we offer our accessories and materials for knitting to other knitting masters? So there was the Woodico Project.

  • avatar tiaurus


    Woodworker, webmaster, graphics and web design.

    Wood and web development master.
  • nataliti


    Idea and design of products.

    Knitting, crochet, tatting and hand weaving master.

Production process and materials

All our products are handmade. We use only safe materials – birch tree, oak, acacia, beech, waterproof and durable water-based yacht lacquer, natural yarn.

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